I can’t see it anymore

I’m editing.

Yay me.

But as I edit, I’m finding something so easy…difficult. When I write, I write the way I hear it in my head. The more I write the better I get at it. That is great but when I go back to rephrase something, take out all the “was” sentences or just some weak words or sentences, I’m finding it difficult. When I read someone else’s work, it is not difficult for me to rephrase. What makes my own words more difficult?

I don’t know the answer to this. I’ve been sitting here thinking about it. I want to edit as much of my own manuscript as possible, partially for me to learn to develop my writing skills and partially so there will not be as many mistakes even after an editor hits it.

Just in case you are wondering, I am not editing Surviving, like I said I was going to. I can’t get into it. I know, I know. Bad author. But it is what it is. And finally I have time to write. Summer will officially be here (for me) tomorrow and I have a schedule made out for myself.

So Finding Rapture….Here I come.

J.L. Sprague


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