Finding Rapture update

As I said in a previous post, I have had an awful block on Finding Rapture. 

So I did some reading and started writing another book. 

I realized finally after much debate with myself that I am unhappy with part of Finding Rapture. Much of the story needs to be “deleted” (not really, just put in a new file folder for later!). I hate to do this but I think I just have to. 

I wrote almost the entire thing in January. And I have to say, I like most of it but it took a turn that I’m just not happy with. The story will pretty much stay the same but in order for this mistake to be rectified I’ll need to do a complete overhaul. 

I realized this when I was reading a review of a completely different book and all I could think was “yes, this is what I’ve done wrong! How could I have done this without even realizing it?” Well, I will fix it. Unfortunately this will take time. 

I know that at this point no one but me is anxious about this. But it helps to clear my mind by writing about it. 

Thanks your your patience! 

J.L. Sprague


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