What am I supposed to be doing again?

I’m supposed to be writing. duh. But I’m not. I mean, technically, blogging is writing, but it’s not…you get the gist.
I’m supposed to be finishing up Finding Rapture, but I can’t. I’m at a standstill. Complete and utter standstill. *SIGH*
I know what happens next and everything but I can’t write it. I just can’t. My mind is all over the place since I read that awesome book. BEAUTIFUL REDEMPTION by Jamie McGuire. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve written since I read that book last week but I’m no longer able to write like I want to. Something is holding me back.
What is it???
Finding Rapture was supposed to be done by now (except for edits, of course).
So…I read some more.
Dang it. I shouldn’t have. But I’m an addict and books just call to me. I have some books I’m SUPPOSED to read, but guess what? Did I? NO!

Want to know what I did read? Okay, okay… I’ll tell you, but don’t judge me.
Engaging the Boss by Noelle Adams, The Cowboy Wins a Bride by Cora Seton, Baby Comes First by Beverly Farr (I HAVE A WEAKNESS FOR PREGNANCY BOOKS BUT I CAN’T FIND MANY GOOD ONES, if you know of some, let me know!!!), One Night with her Boss by Noelle Adams, Crafty Bastards by Tymber Dalton, and A Merry Little Kinkmas by Tymber Dalton. Oh! almost forgot one: Finding Southern Comfort by Barbara Lohr. Whew!

Okay yes, I read 7 books within a couple of days but three of those were really short. I don’t really care for short stories, but whatever.
I have a thing for Tymber Dalton’s Suncoast Society series. It’s my dirty little secret. I guess it’s not exactly a secret anymore.

I’ve been wanting to read The One Thing by Briana Gaitan but I can’t do that either. Something is holding me back.
I feel bad, reaaaaalllly bad that I haven’t read that yet. I was supposed to read it early January. Gah!

So, here I am…blogging in hopes to open my mind.
Did I mention that I started a new book that is soooo completely different I’m not sure what to do with it? Yep. But that’s for way down the road.
I had a giveaway the other day for a signed paperback copy of Finding Rapture and I warned the winner that it’s not done yet but she’ll get it as soon as it’s done.
so…I need something random to do with my mind.

I’m craving a book. One of those pregnancy books that I oh-so-love to read. But I can’t find any more good ones. Where have they all gone? I love Melody Anne’s Baby for the Billionaire series. And I’ve read The Proposition by Katie Ashley. Where are the good books?

Onward ho…


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