When my child finally goes to school

I wonder all the time how I will spend my time when my son finally goes to kindergarten next August. *remember, right now it’s January.*

I hope I’ll finally get some good writing time in. Time that I can concentrate on my characters and not have to worry about him climbing into my lap, delete my entire manuscript, and have my brain explode into tiny bits all across my living room.
Alas, this hasn’t happened yet, but I’m afraid it might. I love writing. Although I may not be a world-class writer, I enjoy it. I hope someone will like my stories.
I have a plan for when my son goes to school..
1. Take him to school
2. Go to the gym (hopefully).
3. Write all day until my hands fall off.
4. Pick him up from school.
5. Do whatever it is I have to do with after school activities
6. Write some more assuming my hands didn’t fall off.
7. Sleep.

I actually want this to work.
And then I feel bad for hoping time will fly by until my son goes to school.
I’ll probably cry… or something, although I usually cry at things like that.
So, is it bad that I have a plan? Is it bad that I can hardly wait??

I’m so weird.

J.L. Sprague
girl playing piano with teaser1
Finding Rapture
Coming Soon

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