I don’t post enough :)-

Who is your favorite author? Do you have one? I’m not sure if I do. I love me some Colleen Hoover. And Kristen Ashley. Are there any authors that you avoid? Maybe for fear that he or she will rip your heart out?
Tonight before I go to sleep I will be reading The Denim Dom by Tymber Dalton. What are you reading?
The Denim Dom (which I have read before) is about an everyday, normal type of guy who is a Dom and looking for a woman who will suit him. He doesn’t like drama and will not tolerate it. It is about a woman exploring who she is and discovering a side to herself that she doesn’t know. This book is an amazing book that does a good job at explaining the world of BDSM (which I happen to love reading about). I’m not even talking about the sex. I’m talking about the explanation of the world, and yes it’s a whole world. Tony, the everyday, normal guy, and Shayla explore this world.
The Denim Dom is a 5 STAR read for me and (if you like BDSM reads) I recommend it.

Okey Dokey. Tonight I am yet again popping out/redoing ideas for my yet-to-be-named book featuring Tru & Georgia. I have given this book (what feels like) a million “outlines”. At first I wanted this book to be different and to stand out. I kept reading so many reviews about how this book and that book are all the same. Well, this one will somewhat be the “same” as all those others. But this one is mine and came from my mind. When writing “Surviving” I wanted it to be different and action packed but the more time that passes the more I wish I could have made it different. Then again, writing “Surviving” was a huge awakening and an experience I will never forget. It was a massive learning experience. I cannot express that enough.
I’m not saying that Tru & Georgia will be a bad or boring book. IT WILL NOT BE! I like to read this that feels like my heart is ripping out, so I like to write along those lines. I have yet to perfect it, but I’m getting there!

Right now I am trying to learn how to put myself “out there” more. I want to be visible and I want and need to grow my reader base. The only way I can do that is by trying and trying. People who work for it will be rewarded (At least that is what I hear/read).

So, have you read “Surviving”? Did you like it? Have questions? I have wanted people (strangers, not my mom) to ask me questions. Did you like the cover? Hate it? I never really receive any feedback. I keep begging for it. Do you need me to explain why I wrote the beginning so vaguely?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining.
I’m really not. 🙂 I just want to learn.

Want to know more about Tru & Georgia? Maybe I should tell you more about them on my next blog post.
ALSO! I need to find a beta reader. Where can I find one? I figure if I ask often enough I’ll eventually find a good one. My family isn’t good at reading my stuff so I can’t rely on them.
I guess I’ll see you all soon!