My ramblings

Once again, I am sitting here at my laptop surrounded by sounds of the movie Frozen. I’m not sure how many times my family has watched it now, but I do know that it is A LOT! 

Did you know…well, of course you didn’t because you are a virual stranger and I haven’t told you yet (unless you’ve seen my facebook page)…that I received my paperback copy of SURVIVING yesterday??? It is HUGE! It’s a 6X9 (which was the recommended size). I actually wish it was smaller. Stupid me forgot to insert page numbers so it is pagenumberless…Yep. Oh well, I don’t care. I am terrified now though. I didn’t mind so much when it was only in ebook form. It was just out there, now…I don’t know, it just feels more real. I suppose all new authors feel this way. 




Okay, enough gushing about that.

see you all soon!

J.L. Sprague


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