My lost mind

Okay, at the moment I am working on promoting my latest release (also my first) SURVIVING. But anyone who has read ANY of my blog posts knows that. I am however, working on a different piece and my mind is currently swirling with the story. I wish I could share but that would just be a terrible terrible thing. I would never want to ruin a good book before it has even been written. 

So, what I wanted to talk about is my writing process at the moment. With my first book I kind of knew what I wanted to happen and in a way I made that happen. More than anything however, the story took a life of it’s own. There was an event I wanted to include in it but it never happened and really just didn’t work per the timeline and story line I set forth. I can’t tell you what it is because one day I will put it into a book. I just know it. Anyhow…writing SURVIVING I never created an outline, something I wanted to try with my current novel. I wrote quite a bit in college and I never like writing those blasted outlines no matter what subject it was for. I do admit, they came in handy at times. I don’t think I can work like that with a story. In my head, I know the story and I know about how I want it to go but it flows how it flows. It will NOT always go the way I want it to go. I tried to do it. It didn’t work. 

In the book I am currently writing, I am trying a different approach. I am starting with “parts”. It’s similar to how an outline would be constructed but it’s still different from how I’ve written outlines in the past. I am hoping it will keep the flow a little better than in SURVIVING. Does this make any sense? 

I’m hoping whoever reads this knows that this whole blog post is mostly for my benefit and no one else. I wanted to write it out where if anyone happens to have a comment on this concept he or she can do so. 


Anyone read Maybe Someday??????? 

I did! I did!!


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