Well Hello Hello


Did you know that Enchanted Book Promotions will be promoting SURVIVING? 

Well, they will! And guess what? I’m a little more than excited about it. Like….REEEEEEaaaalllLLLYYYYyyyy!

Right now I’m not selling many books. Not many at all. I believe that women (mostly) will really enjoy my book. But no one knows that it is out there. And to be honest, I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about something I am super duper excited about. Colleen Hoover’s newest addition, Maybe Someday.I cannot wait! I feel like I’m on the edge of my seat tapping my toes in anticipation for this book. I have high hopes for this book, so if it falls short of my expectations….well…I’ll get over it eventually.

This morning I decided to reread Losing Hope. I’m hoping it will stave off the Colleen edginess. ALSO, talking about Ms. Colleen, I’m going to the book signing in Nashville, TN on June 7th. AND guess what? Griffin Peterson will totally be there. I’m totally going all fan-girl on everyone. I think I’ve talked about this before… I don’t know…not that it really matters because I could go on about this all. day. long.

But for sad news, I have no one to go with me. 😦 It is really a terrible terrible thing. It’s almost tragic. No one needs to miss this amazing author event. There are books to be bought and books to be signed! I must find a person to be my side kick for this event.


I don’t really have anything else to ramble on about so I’ll get back to writing or watching my son or both if I can. Hopefully the voices of Mickey and Minnie Mouse won’t distract me very much.


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