Sick as a….

Guess what I’m doing right now. You don’t know? Well I’ll tell you. Other than writing, taking a break and writing this blog post…I’m watching Dora the Explorer. I don’t care for Dora but my three year old son does. The bad thing is, he’s not even watching it right now. I’ve also got the stinkin cold of the century so my head is in a fog. It’s not a very good fog for writing.

Guess what? Dora is going off. YaY!

So, I’m looking for a good book to read. I’ve read some good ones lately but now I need another one. I’ve recently read Demon at My Door by Michelle A. Valentine, Bite Me by C.C. Wood and Dragon Actually  by G.A. Aiken. These are actually some really good reads. I definitely recommend them. I won’t tell you about the few I’ve read that I didn’t really care for. I read all the time and I’ve got an open mind when it comes to books. I don’t even mind the occasional mishap in writing, because-come on-it is difficult to truly edit a manuscript. Plus! What new author has the money to send it to one? It would make me ecstatic to be able to send my manuscript to a professional editor.

Sorry. I felt like I ranted a little. Eek! I’m not cool with ranting.

I think I may do a giveaway soon. I’ve been thinking of doing one for my promotion at the end of March but I’m not sure.

I wanted to put this out there…My son (yes, my three-year-old) was given a wrench. Now he won’t let go of it and he thinks it is a toy. What am I going to do?

J.L. Sprague


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