How am I supposed to get my name out there? 

How am I supposed to get my book out there? 

I should tell you, I am impatient.

I hate not knowing something and at this moment in time I feel like I’m missing some big piece to the puzzle. 

Will somebody please review my book. 

I am one in a million and I’m so very lost. How do I find the right twist and turns in this maze? I look North, South and East but the right direction is West. I am one in a million and I’m so very lost.

Go check out SURVIVING on Amazon’s kindle. Buy a copy ($2.99!) and leave a review. 

Thanks so much

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**Release Day**


So today I released SURVIVING. Somebody needs to go buy it and review it. I have been looking forward to this day for quite some time. In my last post I posted the blurb or Synopsis for SURVIVING. Go check it out. I’m really having a blast typing that out in uppercase letters…lol.

You can go buy SURVIVING here:

I don’t really have anything fun to say like some. I wish I did. 🙂

Have questions? Comments? I would love to answers or hear anything!


So confused…

The more I get into all this publishing stuff the more confused I become. Even this wordpress blog is giving me a headache and it’s not difficult at all! 

As you can see I’m a little overwhelmed right now. 

First let’s talk about my book since that is ALL that is on my mind right now. Surviving is getting seriously close to being live on Amazon. I’ve just put it up on Goodreads and I’ve been working with someone who is doing my book cover. Thankfully, it’s all okay. But then there’s the marketing issue. I’ve watched videos and read blogs and, and, and,…do you see where I’m going with this??? Should I do a blog tour? (I am highly considering this) Should I pay to have it promoted? Or should I just publish it and hope for the best? 

I think it is a pretty good book. It’s my first attempt at writing since I got out of college so I know I can get better. Throughout the entire process I learned a WHOLE LOT! I started out with one process and then it turned in to something completely different. I had ideas that I wanted to implement but then as the story progressed it just took its own form. Has anyone else’s writing ever done this? I assume it has. 

Writing has done one thing though that I’m not happy about…It has slowed down my reading progress. I must make sacrifices I supposed… 🙂 

So, If you’d like, go check out Surviving on Goodreads then see if it is published yet on Amazon. If it is, buy it (it’s not expensive!) and leave an honest review. I would soooooo love you if you did that. 

I’m not sure if everyone will understand my book without reading the whole thing, so read it. 

There are sex scenes and it has sensitive information in it so mature readers are recommended. But everything intertwines. I’m a little afraid of what some of my family will think of it. Eek! I don’t consider it erotica because although there are sex scenes, it is not all about sex. Sex just so happens to be part of the story. 

Here is the synopsis:

Living in a world where there are only lows and never highs, Jenna’s memory has trained itself to forget. Forgetting the bad was never a problem for Jenna until she forgets the one memory she never should have forgotten.
Landon has never forgotten, even when he desperately wishes he could. She haunts him. By chance they meet again but Jenna still does not remember Landon. What Landon doesn’t know is that Jenna has secrets. Secrets that change everything.
Their love for one another is the only thing that can heal years of abuse – for both of them.
When tragedy strikes memories are triggered and Jenna’s whole world changes.
Can Landon help Jenna survive at the hands of a madman?

Help me out and read. Not just my work but any book. If you have suggestions, comments or questions… contact me. I don’t mind. The more exposure the better.