Editing Services??

I am not done writing my book yet. In case you don’t know it is called Surviving.  Yes, it is taking forever! I am however, researching editing services. I am trying my best to edit as I go and review what I’ve written pretty much every day.  I am not the best ‘writer’ but I do have a story in my head and I want it to be told. I like my story and I guess for now that is all that matters.

So, as I was saying to the millions of those who will not read this… who is a decent editor? And I’m not looking to break the bank either! I just want to see what there is to offer out there.  Any suggestions on freelance editors?

On to my favorite topic…books.

I feel so weird because I’m not actually reading a book right now. I wanted to reread something but nothing sounds good. I started reading Forever Us by Sandi Lynn but I just wasn’t all that into it. Don’t get me wrong! It was a good read just not what I was wanting to read at the moment. I get into moods and I want my “read” to follow that mood. My mood has influenced my writing today so…I may need to look at what I’ve written again tomorrow.

I think I’m going to try 1st Chance by Elizabeth Nelson. I’ll let you all know how that goes. I’ve read some of her stuff and I like it all pretty good. At the moment I can’t remember what I’ve read but I do remember thinking that it just wasn’t long enough and that was my only complaint. I guess I’ll see how this one goes.

Soon I’m planning on reading Making Faces by Amy Harmon. I’m a little nervous about that one. I heard awesome things and sometimes you hear so much hype and it’s either just as wonderful or just not your thing. I’m hoping it’s my type of thing!

Oh! I almost forgot. I read a random book I just found and started reading. It was An Heir For the Billionaire by Terry Towers. It was an okay read. I will say it wasn’t bad, definitely a light read when in that type of mood. I did feel like it was lacking though. I feel a lot of books are lacking which is why I’m writing my own book (or one of the reasons).  I wanted more back story, more emotions, just more…in general. Because of it’s name I figured the plot would be a little more along the lines of you know…the pregnancy then the growing relationship or something. But it is all about the relationship and having an heir is just the end result (no this is not a spoiler because helllloooo…it’s in the title.).

In conclusion, don’t forget about what I asked.

  • Editing services
  • Freelance editors
  • and all the fabulous books.

Any questions???

See ya soon!


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