New New New

WHO is excited about books coming out soon?? ME! That’s who!

I’m looking forward the upcoming Gabriel’s Redemption!!! The two previous ones were outstanding. The level of thought behind them is just… wow. I keep wondering if I’ll ever be able to write like that. I love to write but I write so slowly… sl…ow…ly.

On to my next topic. I am rereading Kristen Ashley’s Wild Man. I have reread many of her books and it was just time for this one to be reread. I don’t know why but it was. The next book on my todo list is Losing It by Cora Carmack. I can’t believe I haven’t read it. Where on earth have I been?? WHAT have I been doing?  Yeah… I watched a live chat a few days ago that I just adored that featured Colleen Hoover, Cora Carmack, Rebecca Donovan, and Ryan Winfield (boy I hope that’s his last name. That would be embarrassing.).  It was called indie to published. I really enjoyed watching it. I’m thinking these authors are sick of being asked the same questions all the time. Ha! Ryan seemed like a brain. Yep a BRAIN! I’m not a brain. I try but I’m not a brain. I like it!

So, I’m looking for beta readers. Where can I find one (or some)???

Well, the child beckons me…If I don’t get back to it have a happy Thanksgiving!

J.L. Sprague


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